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This Groundbreaking Guide Will Show You the Legal Closing Requirements in Every State

by Cody Sperber
CEO of Clever Investor

About The Author

Cody Sperber is the CEO and founder of Clever Investor

Cody has flipped 1,000+ deals and counting, worth around $200M or so thus far. In the process he’s had his hands in all manner of real estate transactions including wholesale deals, rehab, short sales, multi-unit, subject to, lease options and his own proprietary investing strategy, the Reverse Short Sale.

And unlike so many “experts” you may encounter teaching real estate investing, Cody is still an extremely active real estate investor who buys, sells and rents properties day in and day out. It doesn't even feel like work because he’s a total real estate addict, always on the hunt for his next deal fix.

State By State Closing Guide
(2018 Edition)